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Lock The Gate community action

Image from Lock The Gate alliance website

Let’s all get behind the Lock The Gate Alliance and protect the Australian environment

Many Australians are against the exploration of and drilling for coal seam gas in protected areas, national parks, on our most fertile agricultural plains as well as in and around cities and towns. Continue reading


Here comes the sun: solar is viable

Images on sun setting over a field to symbolise the power of the sun for solar energy creation

The future is now with solar power – let’s do it!

With the passing of the Clean Energy Future Bill through the Senate in the Federal Parliment, perhaps now we can all get serious about solar and other clean energy solutions (not coal seam gas). Continue reading

Australia says ‘yes’ to taxing polluters

Poster supporting the clean energy future bills for pricing pollution and funding clean energy

Say Yes Australia campaign poster – Yes: Price Polution

Over the years, thousands of people have marched for action on climate change. All through the 2000s, I’ve made it a point to join rallies through the streets of Sydney to show my support for action that will ensure a cleaner, greener future. In fact, I want a cleaner, greener now! Continue reading

How to save money on your electricity bill

Dial of washing machine showing heat settings

Using your washing machine during off-peak tariff times will save huge $$$ on your electricity bills

Everyone wants to reduce the cost of their power bills. Changing times that you use your electric appliances can make a huge difference.

Continue reading

Big porkies from Abbott and others on the carbon polluters’ tax

Porkies being told about the carbon tax by Abbott and gang are like flying pigs as shown in the image

Pigs might fly but if you tell enough porkies, some start believing it’s true

Here’s some press reports about the inaccuracies in the press about the carbon tax debate. Continue reading

Time to stand up for climate action

Wind energy provides a clean source of renewable energy

Wind power is just one of the many sources of renewable energy sources that will reduce carbon in the atmosphere

I am an ordinary Australian who is a wife, mother and grandmother. I joined GetUp because I wanted action that will ensure a greener, sustainable environment for my grandchildren and their children. Continue reading

Say yes to clean green power

Huge crowds turned out for the say 'yes' to carbon tax rally in Sydney (and around Australia) on Sunday 5 June 2011

Huge crowd at Price Alfred Park in Sydney for the pro-carbon tax rally on Sunday 5 June 2011

The rallies around Australia today to support the Federal Government’s carbon tax on big, dirty polluting companies in Australia was heartening. I didn’t see Cate Blanchett but I did see thousands of concerned Australians from young families to great grandmothers and fathers.

Bill Twyman and Rob Smith at the say yes to a carbon tax on polluting industies held in Sydney on 5 June 2011

Bill Twyman and Rob Smith show support for the carbon tax on big polluters at the rally in Sydney

Note: the thousands sang happy birthday to Beth, a 92-year old who asked her family to attend the rally at Prince Alfred Park near Central Station in Sydney as her birthday celebration.

The rally was to show support to the Federal Government for their carbon tax on big industry polluters. Speakers also called for initiatives to move to 100% renewable energy to power our communities, business and the economy.

Susie Stevens and Bill Twyman attend the say 'yes' to a carbon tax on big polluting industries held on 5 June 2011 in Sydney

Susie Stevens and Bill Twyman at the rally in Prince Alfred Park, Sydney to say 'yes' to a carbon tax on big polluters

Note: Many climate change deniers including many in the Federal Opposition Liberal/National Coalition will say that 100% renewable energy to power a country is not possible. Well, ask the question: who are they supporting? Old, dirty technology. They are not looking to the future but living in the past that is costing all of us on the planet.

To support the future of clean, green energy that will stop the increases in carbon in the atmosphere:

join Get Up: a non-political people power organisation that is working to ensure the transition from dirty carbon-poluting industry to clean renewable energy

download ‘beyond zero emissions‘ 10-year plan to 100% renewable energy

act locally by making changes right now in how you live, in business practices.

In the 1970s, we knew that people were causing massive problems with the way we live, particularly those living in first-world countries such as Australia. Fifty years later, we haven’t done that much to save the planet from ourselves.

I’m glad we attended to join our voices to the many who rallied around Australia today to tell the government that the majority of people want action on climate change. We support a carbon tax as part of the move to renewable energy.



It’s easy to set up a carbon neutral blog

Gotta love the initiative of stocks displays who are planting a tree for every blogger who adds their ‘carbon neutral’ icon to their blog and who write a post about it. This is my post! Looking forward to the tree being planted.

Great idea but I have to say I would love to get 15,000 hits per month and therefore offset the 3.5kg of carbon used every year. Of course, the other websites that I manage, Bold Type Publishing, Balmain Website Designs, Ski The World and Ski Biz to name a few also add to my carbon footprint, so I am more than happy to write this post and add the carbon neutral icon.

According to the stock displays website:

the figure of 3.5 kg of carbon was determined in a study conducted by Alexander Wissner-Gross, PhD, physicist at Harvard University and environmental activist, who has worked out that an average website causes about 0.02g of carbon dioxide for each visit – so a blog attracting 15,000 visits per month contributes around 3.5kgs of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere per year. His study took into account the power consumed by computer usage, electricity hours and server cooler systems. Although 3.5kgs a year doesn’t sound like a lot, when you consider that last February The Sunday Times reported that there was around 200m blogs in the world, it means that with an average readership of 15,000 hits per month blogs alone contribute around 700,000 tonnes of carbon to the atmosphere every year.

That’s a load of carbon!

Walking against warming

Image of people walking against warming in Sydney 29 November 2007

Thousands turned out on 29 November 2007 in Sydney to show their support for action on climate change

We’re walking against warming again.

With the international meeting of scientists, politicians and others coming together in Copenhagen at the moment to debate ways to meet the challenges of man-made climate change, we can all do our bit right here.

On Saturday 12 December, Bill and I with a friend, Rob, have signed up to walk against warming with other like-minded people through the streets of Sydney. The walk is the initiative of the Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales and has the support of such orgs as GetUp, Australian Conservation Council, Greenpeace, The Climate Institute, AMWU and other unions and many other businesses and not-for-profit organisations. We’re all meeting at Martin Place at 1pm. We registered to help organisers know how many people are coming.

Cate Blanchett and family were amongst the walkers at the last walk of this type in Sydney that I attended. I wonder who will be spotted in the crowd this time?

Climate change conspiracy theories – oh really!

Climate change image of polluting chimney stacks

Climate change deniers see red in their conspiracy theories

Here’s the latest rubbish from the mad right of politics – climate change is driven by the far left who see it as a way of achieving what they have always wanted, the de-industrialisation of the West.

According to Senator Nick Minchin as shown on a recent Four Corners program (ABC television), ’the collapse of communism was a disaster for the left and, really, they embraced environment as their new religion’.

The coalition have the mad monk, Tony Abbott, but this lunacy would be funny in a sick sort of way if it weren’t so mad and if Senator Minchin wasn’t such a senior member of the Liberal Party.

The idea that scientists around the world who study the effect of climate change in all its manifestations are part of some extensive conspiracy to do in capitalism is patently ludicrous. Even more so is the way that many of the politicians in Australia’s conservative parties bury their heads in the proverbial sand (and there’s likely to be a lot more of it), and deny that climate change is a reality.

Why are they? is the question. If the Emissions Trading Bill only requires a handful of conservative senators to say ‘yes’ to the bill to get it passed, then perhaps the brouhaha is more about a leadership change than climate change. It’s the time in the political cycle when leaders of oppositions are dethroned. Think Kevin Rudd in the December of 2006.

I still think the climate change deniers are off their rockers.