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Baby boomers take on the world

Baby boomers skiing in Canada on annual ski holiday

Baby boomers taking on the world one place at a time

The youngest baby boomers – if we use 1960 as the last year – are now over 50. Many are retiring. Most are now free of the responsibilities of raising children. Continue reading


Christmas in the snow

Fir tree decorated with Christmas lights at Sun Peaks ski resort

Fir tree decorated with Christmas lights at Sun Peaks ski resort, Canada

As much as Australians love their Christmas Days in the middle of summer (though not all the time as one year it was so hot the candles on the table melted), there is something to be said for spending a Christmas in the snow.

The best way to guarantee a white Christmas, is to go to a ski field somewhere in the northern hemisphere. It doesn’t matter which one, and this winter ski season in the north is looking like it’s going to be a ripper. Imagine, warm fires, hot toddies, making snowmen, decorating real fir trees.

Visit Ski the World website, pick a resort and take off for a White Christmas.

Ski the world

Check out my new website, ski the world. If you are a skier, cross country or downhill, a boarder, or someone who loves the snow and have a favourite hill, let me know and I’ll add some information to ski the world. An image or two of the mountain would also be good!

Home page of ski-the-world.info website

Home page of ski-the-world.info website

Snow one day, surf the next

Skiing in Canada at Silver Star in February 2010

Skiing in Canada one day

Travelling half way around the world in one day can be quite surreal especially if you leave Kelowna in Canada in minus temperatures and snow and arrive in Sydney Australia to a steamy, hot summer.

Manly Beach on a sunny February day in 2010

Sun and surf at Manly Beach in Sydney Australia

The day before travelling home to Sydney, we were skiing in minus 8 at Silver Star. The day after arriving home, we were swimming in the ocean at Manly beach.

I am currently building two skiing websites devoted to skiing,  and www.ski-the-world.info and www.ski-biz.info. If you have a favourite ski mountain, let me know and I’ll include the details in http://www.ski-the-world.info.

Keeping fit as we age

What impresses the hell out of me is the number of people in their 70s, 80s and, dare I say, 90s who are skiing at least three times a week here at Silver Star in Canada. There are more people in the over 70s, I think, than younger people during the week. And they all generally look fit and healthy and can ski as well as any youngun on the mountain.

One of the cross-country skiers I met at Sovereign Lake (just down the road from Silver Star) is 85 and still racing. Not only that, he regular beats 35 year olds!

The message is that elderly and infirmed are not synonymous – they don’t have to be. Granted, some people become ill. Young people become ill too. However, keeping fit is the best way to keep well and moving as we age. For Bill and I, we want to be skiing at 85.

Find a passion, find a sport, find a hobby that keeps you fit. You’re never too old. Just look at the woman who competed in the Masters Games in Sydney. She was 100 and won a Gold Medal in her swimming event – I think she was the only competitor in her age group, but hey, she did it!

Skiing is a passion

Skiing is one of Susie's passions. Here she is at Silver Star Mountain Resort

Susie at Silver Star Ski Resort in British Columbia, Canada

Sometimes there are things that you absolutely love for no other reason than you do. Skiing is mine. I love the freedom, the exhilaration of skiing fast down a run, of silently gliding through powder snow, and I love that it is something that I can always improve. There is no finality of expertise. And each skier finds their own level of where they want to get to. So far, for me, double blacks and jumping off cliffs are off the radar.

Everything else I’m willing to give a go. Bill and I are right into glade skiing this year. We are based in Vernon, British Columbia and skiing our favourite mountain, Silver Star. Other mountains on the agenda this year are Revelstoke (the locals call it Revie – how cute!) and Kicking Horse which I am led to believe has some very steep terrain so I’ll be sticking to the green, blue and a couple of black runs.

Approaching success at 56

Perhaps the cliche is right that you are never too old to learn. A passion of mine is skiing. I started late – at about 32. Try to learn to ride a bike at 32! But I fell deeply in love with the whole skiing thing. I even found out that I’m a cold weather person!

I am currently on one of my skiing adventures. Yesterday, I was told by my skiing instructor that ‘I could be a very good skier!’. I know that skiing is not a perfect art and there is always room for improvement, but, hey, that made my day. I intend to ski until I am at least 85 years old. I have been told that Paddy Pallin, who started the adventure sports shops, started skiing (cross country skiing I think) at 50 and skied until he was 100 years old. How good is that! And what a role model (no more exclamation marks). Paddy Pallin is right. Skiing is worth the effort. Should I still be here when I am 100, I may well be a very good skier.

I now have some websites devoted to skiing, www.ski-biz.info and www.ski-the-world.info but that’s another story.