Sydney in the rain in winter

Even in winter in the rain, Sydney still is a wonderful city to explore.

Balmain Wharf waiting for the ferry, Sydney June 2012

Balmain Wharf waiting for the ferry, Sydney June 2012

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A hidden gem: Culburra Beach

Image of old jetty on the Crookhaven River at Culburra Beach

Jetty on the Crookhaven River at Culburra Beach

Culburra Beach is an interesting place. Three hours south of  Sydney, it seems to be one of the few beach towns that have escaped the sea-change boom. Unlike places north of Sydney like Blueys and Boomerang beaches where fibro beach shacks have been replaced with million-dollar mansions, this place remains a quiet sleepy seaside village. Continue reading

The health benefits of Oolong Tea

Image of oolong tea spilling out of a Japanese tea tin

Oolong tea not only is wonderful to drink it’s very good for you too

In Canada earlier this year, a charming Japanese couple introduced us to White Peach Tea which they brought in from Japan. The tea has the most subtle, stunning flavour that was truly amazing. It’s the Japanese white peach that gives this tea it’s unique characteristics. Continue reading

Baby boomers take on the world

Baby boomers skiing in Canada on annual ski holiday

Baby boomers taking on the world one place at a time

The youngest baby boomers – if we use 1960 as the last year – are now over 50. Many are retiring. Most are now free of the responsibilities of raising children. Continue reading

Christmas New Year holidays in Australia

A lone surfer emerges from the water at Woolgoolga in New South Wales

The beach in summer in Australia – it’s an Aussie tradition

The smell of Coppertone Sun Tan lotion was something synonymous with beach holidays when I was a kid. Continue reading

Corporate genius? Whatever

Image of ad for a seminar in Sydney Unwrapping Genius with George Clooney and Martha Stewart

George Clooney in Sydney? I’d like to see that!

On a Virgin flight to Brisbane, reading Voyeur, an advertisement for a Global Leadership Forum’ seminar caught my eye.

Well, a photo of George Clooney caught my eye so I looked more closely at the page. Continue reading

Here comes the sun: solar is viable

Images on sun setting over a field to symbolise the power of the sun for solar energy creation

The future is now with solar power – let’s do it!

With the passing of the Clean Energy Future Bill through the Senate in the Federal Parliment, perhaps now we can all get serious about solar and other clean energy solutions (not coal seam gas). Continue reading

Qantas in deep doggies!

Shocked look on girl's face is a bit like my reaction to Alan Joyce shutting down Qantas around the world

OMG, did Alan Joyce really shut down Qantas and blame the unions for his actions?

Shock was the first reaction to Qantas pulling the plug on all their services around the world. This has got to be the best lesson in how to piss off your customers and everyone else to boot. What an act of complete bastardry. Continue reading

Australia says ‘yes’ to taxing polluters

Poster supporting the clean energy future bills for pricing pollution and funding clean energy

Say Yes Australia campaign poster – Yes: Price Polution

Over the years, thousands of people have marched for action on climate change. All through the 2000s, I’ve made it a point to join rallies through the streets of Sydney to show my support for action that will ensure a cleaner, greener future. In fact, I want a cleaner, greener now! Continue reading

Spring has sprung: almost!

Peach Blossoms in Balmain, Sydney, Australia, Spring 2011

Peach blossoms at their best in Balmain

Come September here in Australia, the first signs of spring are often the peach blossoms which, earlier this month, were spectacular. The weather was warm, and we all started donning short sleeves and thinking about light summer clothing, swim suits and sandals. Continue reading