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Wine and age

Image of three bottles of wine

Wine really does improve with age

They say wine improves with age.

It’s true! The older I get, the more I like it.


Seniors’ week slogan: live life – certainly beats the alternative

Older man relaxing by the sea reading a book

If it feels good, do it!

I’m not sure about you, but the New South Wales Seniors’ Week slogan, Live Life, seems a bit, well, obvious given the alternative. This might cross the mind of many of our senior citizens. And what does this mean, live life? Sure, perhaps it is meant as  juxtaposition to pretty standard stereotypes of older people – frail, immobile, disabled. But I’d like to see something a bit more radical. Something like ‘live differently’ suggesting more than just breathing. My slogan for seniors’ week would be ‘Stuff it, just do it’.

The reality is that many older people are saying exactly that. They’re fit, they’re fun and they love their lives. We have friends well over 80 who ski, drink very strong martinis after a day on the ski slopes, laugh long and loudly, and in the summer spend much of their time on the golf course. This is not the sorry stereotype, but it’s real.

Don’t underestimate the ability of anyone at any age to reinvent themselves.

New South Wales Seniors’ Week from 21 March to 28 March is the initiative of the Department of Aging. It’s been organised for the past 52 years and aims to give recognition to the elderly citizens of our community. Hang on, a senior is anyone over the age of 60. Oh shit!

Bart Cummings going strong at 81

Lee Freedman, a fellow horse trainer, speaking about Bart Cummings’ success with the horses over the past month leading up to this, Melbourne Cup Day, 2009, said:

Still buying yearlings at his age when most people that age wouldn’t consider buying a green banana.

Go ‘Viewed’, one of Bart’s horses running in the Cup today.

Bart is an inspiration to everyone who thinks 50 is too old.

The stuff of life

I believe a lot of it [life] is all about pushing a rock up a hill and endlessly watching the fucking thing roll down again.

Hey, I laughed when I read that quote from Terry Gilliam of Monty Python fame. It’s somewhat black but hey, it resonates. Sometimes I think the rock is a bloody great bolder twice my size, at other times it’s a bit more managable. But if we think the rock won’t roll down out of control from time to time, we’re kidding ourselves.

Terry Gilliam also said in the same interview for the Sydney Morning Herald, October 24-25 2009, that ‘the only way we keep death away from us is to keep giggling’. ‘Death’, he said, ‘really hates laughter, it just has no sense of humour at all’. Same for that rock.

Funny stuff from the World Masters Games, Sydney 2009

The World Masters Games is on in Sydney this October with something like 24000 competitors. A member of the over-45 New Zealand netball team was reported as saying ‘we’re a drinking team with a netball problem’. Cute