About Susie


Susie lives in Balmain in Sydney Australia with her gorgeous husband, Bill. Between them, they have four sons from previous marriages: Ben, Nigel, John and David and two adorable daughters-in-law, Lou and Tamsin.

Susie has worked in publishing and communications for most of her career. She worked for charities including the Autistic Children’s Association of Queensland and the Queensland Cancer Fund, then later worked in education publishing as an editor and senior editor amongst other publishing roles. Before starting her own business, Susie was the publisher at Career FAQs, a company dedicated to helping people make good career choices.

Susie has always been committed to social causes including feminism, gay rights and the environment. In 2005 she was awarded a PhD from Sydney University for a thesis on the celebration of difference. Her thesis, entitled Penetrating sex: from performance to pleasure, is a critique of sexual difference in conventional 2oth century discourses that have had a bearing on the oppression of women and gays. Her thesis explores ways that we can rethink differences in terms of pleasure and therefore embrace and celebrate differences between people without resorting to notions of ‘otherness’.

Currently, Susie runs her own publishing support business from her office in Balmain. Her business, Bold Type, helps other businesses with their print publications and online communications. She still loves editing and transforming a document into a beautifully published thing and relishes the challenges of an ever changing online environment. Her husband Bill is a professional musician who also happens to work in education at the University of New South Wales.

Susie is a mad skier, a proud grandmother of four adorable grandchildren, a lover of life. She says she loves a good laugh more than anything – well, almost anything.

BTW, Susie’s hair is by Sharon at Glitterbox in Newtown. She is a gun cutter and stylist for anyone who is interested.


5 responses to “About Susie

  1. On ya Susie! Love your work!

  2. Pretty impressive Susie.

  3. Hi Susie
    Have enjoyed catching up with your writing and reading about your skiing holiday. Nail those black runs. Rob

  4. Hey Susie, I used one of your images on our site for an article on the Save Our Forshores Rally . I hope that its okay.

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