Everyday things that don’t exist anymore

It’s amazing that things we couldn’t do without only a few years ago now don’t even exist. When I say ‘a few’, that’s relative really.

Image of a public telephone, one of the few remaining, at West Ryde Shopping Centre, Sydney

Can’t believe that I found one of these in 2012!

I found one of the last of such an essential item last weekend in the West Ryde shopping centre in Sydney – a public phone box. How obsolete is that?

Here’s another I found at the back of a cupboard – a portable cassette player. Actually, it’s called a Sony Walkman and it was the biggest thing since sliced break.

Image of Sony Walkman AM/FM Radio and cassette player/recorder, circa 1998

Sony Walkman – that’s a blast from the past!

When I first came to Sydney in 1998 – ok, 14 years ago now – I used my Sony Walkman to listen to French tapes that I was studying, to listen to ABC Radio and to record notes about my doctorate while away from my computer.

Now of course, we can record audio on our mobile telephones, we can get any radio station on our phones. Hell, we can record video. And I have a brilliant French app on my iPhone that is the best French language app I have found. Michel Thomas French. Francophiles, check it out.

Here’s another thing about mobile phones.

Image of recipe from a magazine photographed on my iPhone

The image is a bit blurred – human error not the iPhone

No longer do we need to surreptitiously tear out the recipe in the magazine from the doctor’s waiting room – out with the iPhone and take a photo of the recipe then add it to my collection in the Evernote app.

Floppy disks for computers – well and truly gone. USB sticks, if not gone, they almost are and if you want to buy one, they’re cheap as dirt. The CD collection – not gone in our place as my husband refuses to get rid of them even though every album is on his computer, iPad and iPhone and he plays music through the Apple TV with images from his iPhoto collection. There’s another: the photo album – not gone but almost.

When I was a kid, the big thing was having a autograph book. Each page was a pastel colour, light blue, pink, soft yellow, light green and so on. Some other kids had famous autographs like Johnny O’Keefe (you have to be of a certain age and Australian to know who he is). Me, I had rhymes from my friends with their autographs.

Sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what friends are made of. From your friend, Marilyn.

GONE, you don’t see an autograph book anywhere these days.

I’d be interested to hear about some other essential items that are no longer. Or simply some daily items that really now belong in a museum.


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