The health benefits of Oolong Tea

Image of oolong tea spilling out of a Japanese tea tin

Oolong tea not only is wonderful to drink it’s very good for you too

In Canada earlier this year, a charming Japanese couple introduced us to White Peach Tea which they brought in from Japan. The tea has the most subtle, stunning flavour that was truly amazing. It’s the Japanese white peach that gives this tea it’s unique characteristics.

Since then, I have found the delights of many Oolong teas. In Australia, the peach-flavoured tea is a blend of Oolong tea from Taiwan. I’ve also found some Oolong tea from Japan flavoured with the French Mirabelle plums and infused with rose, marigold and mallow petals. This tea, Kotobuki, is exquisite – it means celebration in Japanese and it truly is a tea for celebrations.

Not only great tasting, oolong tea has health benefits

If all the things said about Oolong tea is true, it’s worth having a couple of cups of tea a day. Here’s just a few health benefits.

Good for the heart

Drinking Oolong tea regularly is said to decrease cholesterol and help rid the body of extra fat. This has an effect of reducing heart disease and as one of the major causes of death in the Western world, if half of what they say is true, drinking oolong tea is a very good thing.

Good for lowering blood pressure

Another benefit of Oolong tea is that it is supposed to help decrease high blood pressure. Several studies have shown that two cups of oolong tea can greatly reduce your risk of high blood pressure.

Because high blood pressure has serious effects on your heart – as the heart has work too harder to do its job – drinking oolong tea may well be very good for maintaining healthy blood pressure and therefore, again, help reduce the risk of heart attack.

Maintain healthy teeth and bones

The natural antioxidants found in oolong tea are said to help build both strong bones and healthy teeth. Strong bones help to keep a youthful appearance as it is our backbone that holds the body upright. With weight-bearing exercises and exercises that build core strength, you can maintain a healthy, energetic lifestyle throughout your life. With a cup or two of oolong tea, not only will you have great posture, you’ll have a winning smile as well.

Oolong tea is bliss

Regardless of the health benefits, oolong tea is great tasting.

I still remember that first time  I tasted white peach tea in Canada – it was like tasting the most exquisite Champagne. No, it didn’t taste like Champagne but it was the same sensations of taste and smell – absolute bliss. Then I found out how good it is for you. The health benefits are a bonus because the taste is delicate, fragrant and delicious.

My favourite Oolong tea is Kotobuki which is the celebration tea made with Mirabelle plums – but white peach tea still ranks highly as does that mango infused tea.

In Australia, I buy my oolong tea online from Lupicia – it’s all loose leaf tea (no tea bags in sight) and they have a good range. They also have a store in Melbourne.


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