Baby boomers take on the world

Baby boomers skiing in Canada on annual ski holiday

Baby boomers taking on the world one place at a time

The youngest baby boomers – if we use 1960 as the last year – are now over 50. Many are retiring. Most are now free of the responsibilities of raising children.

It’s no wonder that this demographic group is still creating their own space in the world as their life circumstances change. Free from full-time work, kids and mortgages, many boomers are exploring the globe in droves.

View from place that we home exchanged with in Jan Feb 2012

View from our last home exchange experience in January February 2012

Some of us have latched on to the house-exchange boom – in fact, boomers are likely responsible for this phenomenon. House exchange is a great way to see the world whether that’s in the next state or somewhere exotic like Iceland (exotic for an Australian on the other side of the world.

There are many websites now that cater for house exchanges. We’re on but lots of our exchanges have been word-of-mouth or advertising in the local newspaper where we want to visit. It works and no, people tend not to trash your place or car (we swap cars too).

There are huge benefits including affordability, being picked up at the airport and taken to the accommodation, having a vehicle at your disposal and having a fully-equipped home rather than a holiday rental with the bare essentials.

Each year we house exchange to ski in Canada. It’s been a wonderful experience and we have met some great people who have remained friends with whom we meet up with each year for a reunion.

As a baby boomer, I’m loving this time of my life. While raising children, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be over 55 and footloose.

It’s fantastic!


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