Corporate genius? Whatever

Image of ad for a seminar in Sydney Unwrapping Genius with George Clooney and Martha Stewart

George Clooney in Sydney? I’d like to see that!

On a Virgin flight to Brisbane, reading Voyeur, an advertisement for a Global Leadership Forum’ seminar caught my eye.

Well, a photo of George Clooney caught my eye so I looked more closely at the page.

It’s about a seminar in Sydney – yes, George is going to be there on 12 December as one of then’leaders of global business who will change the way you think’.

Interestingly, Martha Stewart of her eponymous empire is also on the bill. I found this amusing given that she was convicted of lying to investigators about a stock sale and went to jail for some time. I wonder if this will be explored as ‘what not to do if you are a global business genius’. The famous, it appears, can retain their status as corporate leaders of industry regardless of their crimes and misdemeanors. Not so, mere mortals who would be corporate lepers for the rest of their lives.

I’m not interested in hearing what Ms Stewart has to say for herself and she would not change my thinking. As for George, well, anything he says is fascinating as is his famous face.


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