Here comes the sun: solar is viable

Images on sun setting over a field to symbolise the power of the sun for solar energy creation

The future is now with solar power – let’s do it!

With the passing of the Clean Energy Future Bill through the Senate in the Federal Parliment, perhaps now we can all get serious about solar and other clean energy solutions (not coal seam gas).

The millions of people around the world who work to create a clean energy future are not unrealistic ideologues. But don’t trust me.

I found this article in the New York Times OpEd section which talks about the relationship between politicians and the fossil fuel industry in the United States.

Here comes the sun: an article about why solar power is not getting a run

I read it thinking it relates equally to the Australian context – the relationship between political powers and the fossil fuel industries. Solar is doable but is it that our governments, state and federal, are so married to fossil fuels and the revenue they get, that solar power is not considered?

If we all can generate our own clean energy for our homes and businesses, how does the government get revenue. Same with water. Is this the real issue? Is this the reason that the state governments around Australia are allowing thousands of coal seam gas drilling operations despite farmers and others opposition? Coal seam gas may be cleaner than coal mining but it is not proven that it won’t do untold damage to the water table and to the environment.


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