Qantas in deep doggies!

Shocked look on girl's face is a bit like my reaction to Alan Joyce shutting down Qantas around the world

OMG, did Alan Joyce really shut down Qantas and blame the unions for his actions?

Shock was the first reaction to Qantas pulling the plug on all their services around the world. This has got to be the best lesson in how to piss off your customers and everyone else to boot. What an act of complete bastardry.

Is Alan Joyce human or is he some form of alien, android non-lifeforce who can only read an accounting sheet? Need to make more money: can’t reduce fuel bills so sack workers, move operations to Asia. Bugger Australia and Australians.

Bottom line for Qantas: Not good would be an understatement!

Score card so far: Pilots and Engineers (the real Qantas) 10; Qantas management -0.

Tip for Qantas board: get rid of numbers man, Joyce (instead of giving him a pay rise) and get a people person manager in who can negotiate with the people who are Qantas.

It was the wrong decision a couple of years ago. Check out how Virgin Australia are going under the very human, decent human being who is turning Virgin into the no. 1 airline in Australia: John Borghetti.

My decision: fly Virgin!


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