Monthly Archives: October 2011

Qantas in deep doggies!

Shocked look on girl's face is a bit like my reaction to Alan Joyce shutting down Qantas around the world

OMG, did Alan Joyce really shut down Qantas and blame the unions for his actions?

Shock was the first reaction to Qantas pulling the plug on all their services around the world. This has got to be the best lesson in how to piss off your customers and everyone else to boot. What an act of complete bastardry. Continue reading


Australia says ‘yes’ to taxing polluters

Poster supporting the clean energy future bills for pricing pollution and funding clean energy

Say Yes Australia campaign poster – Yes: Price Polution

Over the years, thousands of people have marched for action on climate change. All through the 2000s, I’ve made it a point to join rallies through the streets of Sydney to show my support for action that will ensure a cleaner, greener future. In fact, I want a cleaner, greener now! Continue reading