Spring has sprung: almost!

Peach Blossoms in Balmain, Sydney, Australia, Spring 2011

Peach blossoms at their best in Balmain

Come September here in Australia, the first signs of spring are often the peach blossoms which, earlier this month, were spectacular. The weather was warm, and we all started donning short sleeves and thinking about light summer clothing, swim suits and sandals.

Then the cold air came blasting back across the Eastern seaboard and we all went looking for our jumpers (sweaters). It’s the same every year.

I’ve got my sights set on spring days ahead, picnics in the park, swimming in the ocean (we swim at Manly Beach through winter here so what’s new!).

Azaleas in full bloom in Balmain this Spring 2011

Azaleas show their true colours in Balmain

Quote of the day from the Sydney Morning Herald magazine, from Ronni Kahn who set up OzHarvest, a social business helping to distribute surplus foods from restaurants to the poor and homeless. What a great idea!

All we have is now and if we’re not doing something bigger than our own lives, we’re wasting the only opportunity we have.

Makes one think.


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