Big porkies from Abbott and others on the carbon polluters’ tax

Porkies being told about the carbon tax by Abbott and gang are like flying pigs as shown in the image

Pigs might fly but if you tell enough porkies, some start believing it’s true

Here’s some press reports about the inaccuracies in the press about the carbon tax debate.

This is not a ‘tax’ in the sense that the GST is a tax where every citizen pays. This is more like a garbage collection fee. In the same way that we pay the local government to collect our garbage, so the Federal Government is charging the most powerful, big companies who put garbage into the atmosphere. It’s more like a garbage collection fee. We, the people, do not pay. In fact, the government is giving us tax cuts and rebates to ensure that the we don’t pay for someone else’s garbage. But here’s what some commentators are saying!

On the irresponsibility of scare campaigns

Excerpts from Ross Gittens

‘Scare campaigns – where politicians prey on the fears of insecure and ill-informed voters by greatly exaggerating the likely consequences of the other side’s policies – are accepted by both sides of politics and the media as a legitimate tactic.

It’s always a lot harder to explain a complex policy than it is to put the frighteners on the punters but Tony Abbott’s gross misrepresentation of the carbon tax’s effect on prices, employment and whole industries exceeds all records in effectiveness and dishonesty.

I would never have believed one politician could, by all his reckless claims, stop retail sales in their tracks as frightened punters close their purses in fear for their futures. Why the retailers aren’t tearing him apart I don’t know.’

Ross Gittens, ‘Trust Makes the World Go Round’, Honestly, Sydney Morning Herald, 20 July 2011

Scientists or the shock jocks?

From an article in the SMH, ‘Time to face the facts of climate change’

‘Uncertainties may remain in the minutiae of climate change science, but the knowledge that it is happening and that it is a result of the burning of fossil fuels by humans is accepted as uniformly as you could hope.

‘It is the official stance of the CSIRO, NASA and Britain’s Royal Society, not to mention the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

You know the debate has gone downhill when you hear politicians question the validity of current climate science because we ‘exhale carbon dioxide and therefore it must be safe’.

Gemma Black, Sydney Morning Herald, 20 July 2011

The shock jocks around the country are spruiking disinformation as fact. Go to the CSIRO website and read what the most respected scientists have to say about man-made carbon pollution.

Big business ads full of misinformation

And on 25 July 2011, this in the Sydney Morning Herald

‘The multimillion-dollar, industry-funded campaign claims that in just over six years Europe’s carbon pricing scheme has raised $4.9 billion. Over six or so years, Australia’s will raise $71 billion.

‘Greg Evans, Australian chamber of commerce and industry policy director referred questions about the claims made in the advertisements to the Minerals Council deputy director, Brendan Pearson, who confirmed the Australian calculation included the cost of free permits whereas the European calculation did not.

Speaking from North Queensland, where he was inspecting coal export facilities which are set to double their traffic in five years, the Treasurer, Wayne Swan, attacked “well-funded vested interests trying to talk down the future of our economy“.

“A town like Gladstone really is a reality check for the scare campaign. Far from being at risk of being wiped off the map, businesses are expanding and jobs are being created. A staggering $70 billion in coal-related projects was either under way or on the drawing boards as of April,” he said.

An Access Economics report released this morning says the impact of the carbon tax “may well be rather smaller than the huge headlines would have it”.

Finally from an article in UniKen, Winter 2011, (Uni of NSW, Kensignton in Sydney) about the irrationality of climate change deniers: ‘The probability of climate science being wrong is roughly equivalent to evolution being wrong.’

It’s time to act, to move on from dirty, fossil fuel based energy production  to be a part of a greener, cleaner energy future.


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