Monthly Archives: July 2011

Blind hatred is the precursor to dumb violence

A man is assisted on the streets of Oslo after the bombing by right-wing Christain loony

Innocent people caught up in the hatred of one man’s twisted vision of society

One can’t have a blog called ‘stuff matters’ and not comment on stuff that really does matter. The atrocious crime committed by Anders Behring Brievik in Norway last weekend was horrific. Continue reading


Big porkies from Abbott and others on the carbon polluters’ tax

Porkies being told about the carbon tax by Abbott and gang are like flying pigs as shown in the image

Pigs might fly but if you tell enough porkies, some start believing it’s true

Here’s some press reports about the inaccuracies in the press about the carbon tax debate. Continue reading

Time to stand up for climate action

Wind energy provides a clean source of renewable energy

Wind power is just one of the many sources of renewable energy sources that will reduce carbon in the atmosphere

I am an ordinary Australian who is a wife, mother and grandmother. I joined GetUp because I wanted action that will ensure a greener, sustainable environment for my grandchildren and their children. Continue reading