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Mollymook in winter

View of North Mollymook beach from Ocean Drive, taken in June 2011

Bright sunny winter's day at North Mollymook Beach

It’s hard to believe sometimes that many parts of Australia have ‘summer’ weather in the heart of winter. Right now in Vernon British Coumbia in the middle of summer the weather is 28 high, 9 low. Here in Sydney, it’s 20 high and 13 low in the middle of winter!

Last weekend, a visit to Mollymook, about a 3-hour drive south of Sydney by car, showed how wonderful the beach is in winter. No crowds in or out of the ocean, stunning sunny days and clear, pristine water to swim in.

The pool at Bannisters resort blends into the blue ocean in the background

The pool at Bannisters at Mollymook, 3 hours south of Sydney

Although refreshingly cool, our body surfing stints were favourite moments – and we had the whole place to ourselves.

News from Mollymook: Rick Stein, famous English chef, has a restaurant at the Bannisters resort. It’s just one of the eating places. Restaurants, wineries, great cafes – Mollymook has become a foodlover’s destination.

Anyone know what this plant is? Never seen anything like it before and it looked truly spectacular.

Strange, beautiful plants at Mollymook

Strange, beautiful plants at Mollymook


Say yes to clean green power

Huge crowds turned out for the say 'yes' to carbon tax rally in Sydney (and around Australia) on Sunday 5 June 2011

Huge crowd at Price Alfred Park in Sydney for the pro-carbon tax rally on Sunday 5 June 2011

The rallies around Australia today to support the Federal Government’s carbon tax on big, dirty polluting companies in Australia was heartening. I didn’t see Cate Blanchett but I did see thousands of concerned Australians from young families to great grandmothers and fathers.

Bill Twyman and Rob Smith at the say yes to a carbon tax on polluting industies held in Sydney on 5 June 2011

Bill Twyman and Rob Smith show support for the carbon tax on big polluters at the rally in Sydney

Note: the thousands sang happy birthday to Beth, a 92-year old who asked her family to attend the rally at Prince Alfred Park near Central Station in Sydney as her birthday celebration.

The rally was to show support to the Federal Government for their carbon tax on big industry polluters. Speakers also called for initiatives to move to 100% renewable energy to power our communities, business and the economy.

Susie Stevens and Bill Twyman attend the say 'yes' to a carbon tax on big polluting industries held on 5 June 2011 in Sydney

Susie Stevens and Bill Twyman at the rally in Prince Alfred Park, Sydney to say 'yes' to a carbon tax on big polluters

Note: Many climate change deniers including many in the Federal Opposition Liberal/National Coalition will say that 100% renewable energy to power a country is not possible. Well, ask the question: who are they supporting? Old, dirty technology. They are not looking to the future but living in the past that is costing all of us on the planet.

To support the future of clean, green energy that will stop the increases in carbon in the atmosphere:

join Get Up: a non-political people power organisation that is working to ensure the transition from dirty carbon-poluting industry to clean renewable energy

download ‘beyond zero emissions‘ 10-year plan to 100% renewable energy

act locally by making changes right now in how you live, in business practices.

In the 1970s, we knew that people were causing massive problems with the way we live, particularly those living in first-world countries such as Australia. Fifty years later, we haven’t done that much to save the planet from ourselves.

I’m glad we attended to join our voices to the many who rallied around Australia today to tell the government that the majority of people want action on climate change. We support a carbon tax as part of the move to renewable energy.