NSW state elections

Election posters at the Nicholson Street booth in Balmain 26 March 2011

The signs are out for a massive swing against the Labor Government: these signs lead voters to the Nicholson Street booth in East Balmain

It looks like it will be a blood bath for Labor in this election. In Balmain, Verity Firth is running her campaign under the banner, Keep Verity. I ask myself why would we? For any of the big issues affecting the people of Balmain which forms a significant part of her electorate, she was noticeable only by her lack of action. Jamie Parker, the Green candidate, looked more like the compassionate, caring Labor person.

On the Barangaroo redevelopment that is opposed by many local councils, the National Trust of Australia, numerous respected members of the community and locals in surrounding districts including Balmain, Verity (a member of cabinet) did absolutely nothing and said virtually nothing.

On Baileys Marine Refueling Depot dumped on the Balmain foreshore (where there should be recreational space as it is one of the best vantage points on the inner harbour), Verity did nothing.

When Sting was going to perform on New Year’s Eve on the old vehicle terminal at White Bay, Verity violently opposed the concert because of the noise: it’s New Year’s Eve. Give me a break, Verity.

As for the rest of the Labor Government, the Premier and the the lot of them, don’t tell people like me that you want a fair go for the people of New South Wales. Barangaroo – you supported big business over the people’s wishes, Baileys Marine Refueling – same. And if I lived in the Hunter region which is being destroyed with mining, I’d be furious.

I’m not saying the Liberals would be any different. I don’t trust them either. The Friends of Barangaroo have been calling for a full enquiry into the process for granting Lend Lease the right to develop (overdevelop) the area. The O’Farrell team remain pretty much mute on the subject.

From my perspective, it’s time all politicians embraced renewable energy options, stopped damaging the environment with coal and gas mines, and started thinking about how, as a state, we can provide an exemplary vision for the future that doesn’t bow to the pressures of large development corporations such as Lend Lease and the like.

If the Keneally Government had been in power when the Opera House was on the drawing board, I’d hate to think what monstrosity would be sitting there today.


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