Results after three days on the Attack diet

What’s the Attack stage of the Dukan Diet?

The Attack stage is the protein only stage which is supposed to give the body a jolt into losing weight. It can go from three to ten days. I decided on four days. Now after three on my modified version, I’ve lost just on two kilo which is not too bad.

What’s the modified version? Everything that the book, The Dukan Diet, says to do during the Attack stage but with a Skinny Bitch or two at night. Yes, this is the hedonist’s version of the Dukan Diet.

Tomorrow it’s into the Cruise stage which is one day of protein followed by one day of protein and vegetables.

This is when it gets interesting for the modified version because on Sunday, my husband and I are hosting a soiree with Champagne, wine, beer, and delicious goodies to eat – not recommended at this stage of the Dukan Diet as decreed by the good doctor. However, I want to see if  I can lose my fat tummy and still include the occasional soiree, dinner with friends and the like. How will it affect my progress towards my goal of 60 kilos? That’s what I want to find out.


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