Hello Dukan Diet, goodbye fat

This is the before image of my body shape: before The Dukan Diet

Oh My God! This spare tyre of fat has to go!

I loved the movie, The Goodbye Girl, and I’m hoping that I can say goodbye to a large portion of me over the coming months: 10 kilograms in fact.

Hey, I didn’t think I was that fat until:

  • I realised that I couldn’t see my toes when I looked down
  • I saw this photo of myself and thought, ‘No, that can’t be slim me’
  • My doctor gently but firmly suggested a shed the excess fat sitting around my waist (is there any other kind of fat?)

Unlike anorexics who always see a fat person in the mirror, I usually see myself as slimmer than I really am. This is OK until reality hits. So I joined a gym and, for three years, I have tried to loose that surplus-to-requirements fat around my middle. It hasn’t budged. I eat sensibly, wholesome foods made at home (no preservatives or pre-packaged foods full of fat and sugar). Still, that spare tyre won’t move.

Then I read about The Dukan Diet, which is not so much a diet as a program to melt fat off the body. Now, this I am interested in. The book by Dr Pierre Dukan, promises a permanent solution to being overweight – if you follow the four-step plan.

Let me tell you, I do not diet. I don’t like diets and I think diets are evil. They don’t make people slim, they make people fat. The weight comes off, then goes straight back on (and often a bit more too).

However, I read the book front to back and decided to give this fat-reduction program a go. I figure I need to drop 10 kilos or 22 lbs: that’s nearly two stone in the old system. Stay tuned for the results.

I now have a dedicated website about the Dukan Diet (modified for those who have a social life).


2 responses to “Hello Dukan Diet, goodbye fat

  1. Just curious… this was in March 2011… where are you now???

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