Fitting the Dukan Diet into a hedonist lifestyle

Can the Dukan Diet work for someone who leads a hedonist lifestyle?

Apres skiing drinks at Long John's Pub at Silver Star Ski Mountain, British Columbia

Did I say that I am a hedonist? Perhaps. Rigidity is not my thing. Life has to be fun and there has to be room for flexibility. With a five-week tour of North America now behind me – with all the eating out, parties and visiting friends for dinner – following the Dukan Diet religiously wasn’t going to work.

However, I wanted to see how a more flexible regimen would work and if it were possible to still lose some weight while on a working holiday in the land of the full pair of trousers (that’s the good ol’ USA) where fat and sugar are staples.

And I have to say, it’s doable. I did five days of the Attack stage the week prior to leaving and lost about three kilos. Then on the trip, I was conscious of trying to eat protein and cooked and raw vegetables most of the time. The Dukan galettes replaced bread every day. I added two celebration meals each week where deserts and other treats were included.

Because I was writing skiing news articles for the website, Ski The World, I was getting plenty of exercise while testing skis and ski gear.

During the five weeks, I lost another two to three kilos. This, despite the fact that I did partake in alcoholic drinks each night. All in all, I proved The Dukan Diet can have some flexibility built in to suit a more relaxed lifestyle.

Even now, back home, there will be parties, dinners out with friends. I intend to indulge in the odd glass of champagne or red wine, a glass or two of Vodka (Skinny Bitches are my favourite) so really, this is the Susie Stevens’ modified version of the Dukan Diet.Will it still work? That’s what I want to find out.


One response to “Fitting the Dukan Diet into a hedonist lifestyle

  1. Ok. My sis has been indulging in skinny vodkas. Still losing weight so that’s cool. I often take 2 days off where I drink and eat whatever . It still evens out in the end, long as u don’t take a week off! Did that and got a bit fat again lol

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