Queensland floods

Flood waters in the Queensland flood, January 2011

The floods in Queensland this January have been truly devastating. I lived in Brisbane during the 1974 floods and, though the floods were truly horrible then, I don’t remember them being as widespread as these. Not only Queensland, but there are reports of flooding in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. For a very dry continent, it’s very wet at the moment.

And the flash flooding in Toowoomba and the Lochyer Valley at the bottom of the Great Dividing Range – well, that is just freaky weather. An inland tsunami is what people are calling it and it is apt.

The good news is that people are rallying behind those who have been affected. Through my business, I have donated to the Premiers Flood Relief Appeal. I’ve also heard from on of my clients, Captivations, who supply sports uniforms to sports clubs and schools around Australia that some of their clients, netball clubs, are raising funds to help netball clubs affected by the floods rebuild their premises. Then there are the thousands of volunteers who have spontaneously come forward with their wellies and rubber gloves to clear away the mud and debris – not a pleasant job at all. It’s great to see such community support. Makes you proud to be an Australian.


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