Email today to stop the Baileys refuelling depot at East Balmain

Write to:
the Premier – currently Kristina Keneally
the Minister for Planning, Tony Kelly (Sharon Armstrong is given as the email contact name on the Minister’s website)
the local State Labor member, Labor’s Verity Firth

Ask the opposition leader, Barry O’Farrell, what he intends to do to stop the Bailey’s refuelling depot going ahead should he be elected Premier. If it came down to it, many Inner West Labor voters could well vote Liberal if there were guarantees to stop Bailey’s.

Let’s not forget the Greens. Write a letter asking for them to raise the issue in Parliament and for their support of the campaign to stop the refuelling depot. Here’s a few: Ian Cohen, Cate Faehrmann, John Kaye, David Shoebridge. Who knows, the Greens may end up with the balance of power in State Parliament and we want to make sure that the Bailey’s plan for intensive refuelling operations right next door to people’s homes does not go ahead.

Send your objection directly to Bailey’s Marine: Scott Bailey, Managing Director; Guy Bailey, Director.

Get a sample protest email to start your ‘stop baileys’ campaign. Here’s another sample protest email.

Read the Inner West Courier article on the proposed Green Ban to halt the Bailey’s plan.

Go to the Stop Baileys website for more information and to join the campaign. We need your support right now.

You can also visit the Balmain Rozelle community website to lodge your objection to the refuelling depot.


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