Campaign against Baileys Refuelling Depot at East Balmain builds support

The community of Balmain came out in force today in Darling Street outside Woolies to campaign against the refuelling depot planned for the prime residential area of East Balmain.

Young children holding placards in protest of the Baileys Refuelling Depot proposed for East Balmain

The campaign heats up in Darling Street Balmain as residents muster support from locals

It was a sea of  ‘Stop Baileys’ banners, people discussing the implications, signing petitions. Even the kids are keen to make sure that the refuelling facility does not go ahead.

From the support of the shoppers and locals, this campaign is only going to get stronger. And the protesters are going to keep up the fight. With only a 10 year lease, the campaign will be working firstly to stop the depot in the first place and secondly to ensure that the lease will not be renewed in 202o thus making the whole project potentially nonviable.

John Stomolis, left, with local residents fighting against the Baileys fuel depot planned for East Balmain

Balmain residents out in force in Balmain on Saturday 17 October to protest against Baileys Fuel Depot

The residents of Balmain were promised a consultative process for the redevelopment of White Bay with promises of community and recreational facilities. So far, all the State Government has delivered is industrial [money making] projects that will do nothing to enhance one of the most desirable suburbs in Sydney.

Notable absence at the protest this morning in Balmain was local state member, Verity Firth.

Write to Verity and other cabinet ministers and the directors of Baileys Marine to object to this obscene plan to dump 400 o00 of fuel in the middle of East Balmain residences. See a draft email to use.

Read more about the consequences of putting a refuelling depot in Balmain.

Go to the Stop Baileys website for more information and to join the campaign. We need your support right now.


One response to “Campaign against Baileys Refuelling Depot at East Balmain builds support

  1. I’m shocked to hear that the state government is planning this fuel station in a residential area on prime harbour foreshore. Where else in the world? It’s all about money and no consideration of the people. What’s happened to the concept of ‘the people’s parliament’? Trouble is, the opposition in power are likely to be just as bad.
    It’s great to see people standing up to the government. Good work.

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