It’s easy to set up a carbon neutral blog

Gotta love the initiative of stocks displays who are planting a tree for every blogger who adds their ‘carbon neutral’ icon to their blog and who write a post about it. This is my post! Looking forward to the tree being planted.

Great idea but I have to say I would love to get 15,000 hits per month and therefore offset the 3.5kg of carbon used every year. Of course, the other websites that I manage, Bold Type Publishing, Balmain Website Designs, Ski The World and Ski Biz to name a few also add to my carbon footprint, so I am more than happy to write this post and add the carbon neutral icon.

According to the stock displays website:

the figure of 3.5 kg of carbon was determined in a study conducted by Alexander Wissner-Gross, PhD, physicist at Harvard University and environmental activist, who has worked out that an average website causes about 0.02g of carbon dioxide for each visit – so a blog attracting 15,000 visits per month contributes around 3.5kgs of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere per year. His study took into account the power consumed by computer usage, electricity hours and server cooler systems. Although 3.5kgs a year doesn’t sound like a lot, when you consider that last February The Sunday Times reported that there was around 200m blogs in the world, it means that with an average readership of 15,000 hits per month blogs alone contribute around 700,000 tonnes of carbon to the atmosphere every year.

That’s a load of carbon!


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