Example objection email to Bailey’s refuelling depot

People power can stop the refuelling depot

Here is an example of an objection email to Government ministers. Yes, we can make a difference!

I totally object to the proposed refuelling depot at White Bay in the heart of East Balmain, one of our premier residential areas of Sydney for the following reasons.

1. Balmain is one of the most desired residential addresses in Sydney. The proposed intensive refuelling operations have the capacity to operate 24/7 with marine fuel tanks that can store 400,000 litres. It makes no sense whatsoever to put such a facility next door to a prime residential area.

2. This magnificent harbour location should be set aside for public usage with parks and outdoor facilities and transport access (ferries, water taxis). The refuelling depot will be an eye-sore on our beautiful harbour, off limits to the public and not predominately for a few thousand wealthy power boat owners. The current usage is a container wharf but these are being removed gradually and being replaced by common public access areas.

3. The inner Sydney Harbour is a major tourist attraction. Sydney attracts $5 billion p.a. in tourism dollars. It makes no sense to put a powerboat refuelling depot right in the middle of this valuable harbour environment. Not to mention the environmental issues surrounding such a facility!

As a citizen of this state, I request that the building of a refuelling depot at White Bay be overturned and that this valuable harbourside land be designated for public use for all to enjoy.


Write to a minister of MLA member today

Write to:
the Premier – currently Kristina Keneally
the Minister for Planning, Tony Kelly (BTW, Sharon is the contact name on the email address on Mr Kelly’s website)
the local State Labor member, Labor’s Verity Firth

Ask the opposition leader, Barry O’Farrell, what he intends to do to stop the Bailey’s refuelling depot going ahead should he be elected Premier. If it came down to it, many Inner West Labor voters could well vote Liberal if there were guarantees to stop Bailey’s.

Let’s not forget the Greens. Write a letter asking for them to raise the issue in Parliament and for their support of the campaign to stop the refuelling depot. Here’s a few: Ian Cohen, Cate Faehrmann, John Kaye, David Shoebridge. Who knows, the Greens may end up with the balance of power in State Parliament and we want to make sure that the Bailey’s plan for intensive refuelling operations right next door to people’s homes does not go ahead.

Send your objection directly to Bailey’s Marine: Scott Bailey, Managing DirectorGuy Bailey, Director.

Visit the Stop Baileys website and register your objection.


One response to “Example objection email to Bailey’s refuelling depot

  1. this is a travesty to allow baileys fuel depot so close to peoples home with 24hrs a day operation. julia gilliard says we are moving forward i say we are going backwards!!!!!!

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