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Federal election day, 2010

Maxine McKew with partner, Bob Hogg, concedes defeat on election night 2010

Maxine McKew with partner, Bob Hogg, is gracious as ever as she concedes defeat on election night 2010

From the start of the election campaign, things didn’t feel right. The mood of the people didn’t reflect the good shape of our community, the good state of the economy is in, nor the fact we in Australia escaped a recession and mass unemployment. In fact, unemployment is exceptionally low. So way the strange mood? Continue reading


Labor stimulus saved Australia from recession

Maxine McKew with Kevin Rudd greeted by well-wishers in the Eastwood Mall during the 2010 Election Campaign

Maxine McKew with former PM, Kevin Rudd, at the Eastwood Mall

It makes me so mad to hear people say that the reason Australia didn’t go into a recession was because of the strong mining sector or some other such reason. If I remember correctly, China and other major world commodity markets were in the doldrums so much of our precious resources weren’t going anywhere. Continue reading

Kevin Rudd supports Maxine in Bennelong

Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister, with Maxine McKew in her Federal seat of Bennelong

What a delight to see former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, helping Maxine McKew, in her Federal seat of Bennelong today. It’s the last weekend before the election, a gorgeous day in Sydney and a thrill to shake hands with Kevin.

Bake off a hit for Maxine McKew’s campaign to retain Bennalong

Cakes in the bake off during Maxine McKew's election campaign in Bennelong

It wasn’t quite Masterchef but the bake off in Eastwood Mall today was a winner. There were cakes a-plenty arriving all morning at the Eastwood Mall for the 1pm judging where Maxine’s helpers almost outnumbered the shoppers.

The winning cake for this supporter was the coconut and rhubbard cake. Sales of that recipe alone could fund several campaigns into the future!

The multitude of pink and purple balloons were the big hit with the children. It’s quite a carnival atmosphere at Eastwood with seemingly hundreds of Maxine’s supporters group in their striking purple t-shirts handing out balloons up and down the mall.

Balloons galore for Maxine's campaign

Maxine holds the seat of Bennelong – won from then Prime Minister John Howard in 2007 – by the smallest of margins. It’s great to see her working so hard in her electorate and getting fantastic support from so many people – not just the purple army working for her – but so many people in the electorate who obviously love her work and commitment to the community.

Still, I have to say many of the cakes were to die for. The macadamia and prune cake – another sensation – and it’s got to be good for us.