Defend our harbour foreshore meeting at Sydney Town Hall, Tuesday 3 August 2010

For many moons now the Balmain-Rozelle community, Leichhardt Councillors and concerned citizens have been lobbying the State Labour Government to develop a proper masterplan for the development of White Bay. The State Government wants to put a refuelling depot right in the middle one of the most desired residential suburbs in Sydney and to throw in the International Cruise Terminal as well.

The cruise terminal is currently situated at Bangaroo on the city side of the harbour and this is where it belongs. It was always planned to be at Bangaroo. The proposed shift of the cruise terminal to Balmain Rozelle is to allow for a hotel to be built by developers at Bangaroo.

A community meeting is being held at Sydney Town Hall on Tuesday 3 August 201o at 6.00pm. Councillors from Sydney City Council, Leichhardt Council, North Sydney Council and Wollahra Council, architects, town planners, numerous community groups and concerned citizens are meeting to form an alliance against draconian planning laws and developer interests that have allowed this situation to occur.

Significantly, the cruise ship industry has said that the cruise ship terminal does not logically belong at White Bay on the Balmain side of the harbour. It is evident to all the residents that they are correct.

The foreshore of Balmain should reflect the interests of the residential community with parks and other public ammenities. The walkway around the Glebe Point foreshore is a great example of community action getting  great result for the community, not only the Glebe residents, but for all who enjoy the foreshore pathway.

The Labor State Government (and any future state government) would do well to listen to the views of its constituents.  If you want a development plan for Sydney Harbour’s foreshore at Bangaroo and White Bay that enhances our beautiful harbour, come along on Tuesday 3 August to the Sydney Town Hall.


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