Preserved lemon recipe

Preserved lemon in a jar

Preserving lemons is easy to make

Preserved lemon can add a stunning element to many recipes. Make sure you have enough lemons. I used about five in a the jar shown in the image. Some recipes suggest that you may need additional lemon juice but mine were very juicy and covered the lemons adequately.

What you’ll need

Sea salt
Extra lemon juice
Aromatic spices such as a cinnamon stick, star anise, bay leaf, cloves and peppercorns

What to do

Wash lemons thoroughly then quarter. Start placing the lemon wedges in a jar, flesh side down. After each lemon, add about a dessertspoon of sea salt. Add more lemons and salt. Toss in whatever aromatic spices you choose. Press the lemons down squeezing out the juice and packing the lemons as tightly as possible.

Use a clean glass jar – it helps to use one with a neck so that the lemons stay compressed under the rim. When the jar is tightly packed, pour in any additional lemon juice to cover the wedges.

Set the jar aside in a warm place for about four weeks, turning the jar upside down after three days then back up the right way three days later. Repeat every three days for the four weeks. Top up with lemon juice if you need to.

After the four weeks, put the preserved lemon in the refrigerator. You can start using them after another four weeks.

When you want to use the preserved lemon in a casserole, tagine or in a salad, remove a wedge, rinse well to remove salt, peel away the flesh and discard and cut the peel into fine strips.


3 responses to “Preserved lemon recipe

  1. Very interesting – I haven’t heard of preserved lemons before. What type of recipes do you use them in?

    • I use preserved lemon in recipes from the middle east such as Moroccan Chicken with couscous. Great with lamb dishes. Once the preserved lemon is ready, I’ll be posting recipes using it.

  2. I love this recipe. Next two months when fresh lemons hit the market, I can’t wait to preserve them in the jars. I used preserve lemon regularly in my arabic dishes and it really work well with chinese steam fish, too. Thanks for sharing.

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