Yum Cha in Chinatown is a Sydney tradition

The signage of Emperors Garden restuarant at the crn of Dixon and Hay Streets, Chinatown, Sydney

The Emperor's Garden is our favouite haunt when it comes to Yum Cha

Any excuse to have Yum Cha at our favourite place in Chinatown, Emporer’s Garden, and we’re there. So when our friend from Broome, Western Australia, arrived for the weekend, there was nothing else to do but head for Chinatown. Besides, it’s become a tradition to have Yum Cha when Gaysie comes to town.

Yum Cha table at Emperors Garden Chinatown Sydney

Chili sauce is mandatory when eating yum cha

Sydneysiders have their favourite Yum Cha place and there are plenty to choose from. We’ve been to others in Chinatown and elsewhere in Sydney but we keep coming back to our favourite, Emperor’s Garden at the corner of Hay Street and Dixon Street in Chinatown. It’s quintessential Chinese, or Australian Chinese I guess, and quite marvellous. My favourite dish is chicken feet but the dumplings are heaven too.

What is Yum Cha?

Yum cha is a way of eating that involves drinking Chinese tea as you eat dumplings and other dim sum style dishes often served in small bamboo baskets. Yum cha literally means ‘drink tea’ but the term has come to mean the whole experience of eating a range of small servings of dim sum, dumplings and other Chinese dishes while drinking tea with friends.


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