Slow living

Gum tree on the banks of a lake somewhere near Forster New South Wales Australia

Ahh, the serenity

Inspired by the slow food movement and other counter cultures to the fast pace of life in the 21st century, I decided that we need to go further than slow food as the antithesis to buying and eating fast foods. But how to slow down the fast pace of modern lives? Is it possible to find more hours in a day or to slow time itself?

The answer is yes, but you have to want to slow down. Simple things like walking more slowly, allowing yourself time to sit and read or just sit. Reduce noise – turn off the television and radio. Do the slow food thing by buying raw foods rather than manufactured varieties in tins. Cook and eat slowly and enjoy the experience.

Work – most of us have to do it but it doesn’t have to mean early to the office, last to leave, work through lunch, take work home. Whatever happened to the concept of work–life balance? For most businesses, it’s like ‘sustainability’, just another word or phrase to add to their marketing campaign slogans. And why not life–work balance? Work is something we should do to live, not the other way around. I’d like to see more businesses really embrace the life–work balance principles and introduce changes that embrace this – negotiated flexibility that suits individual workers, that helps sustain the environment (work from home?) and actually improves profits because everyone is happy and healthy.

Slow living is not something that just happens, it’s a conscious thing. You have to say  ‘no’ to excessive consumerism, ‘no’ to rampant materialism and especially ‘no’ to the ‘it’s all about me’ culture. Slow living about living more simply.

The slow food movement is worldwide – and there is an Australian slow food organisation.

Here’s an interesting link to the e-book, The Art of Being Minimalist.

What is work–life balance?

And on the web, while writing this, I found a website called slow movement (I didn’t know this was out there!)


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