Images of things past

Beatles LP records and Beatles poster at a second hand shop in Vernon Canada

Beatlemania is alive and well in Vernon Canada

For those of us who actually remember the 60s, finding a shop full of memorabilia from that time is, well, nostalgic.

Vernon in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia Canada has its fair share of second-hand shops selling everything from Beatles LPs to suitcases that are incredible well travelled.

These days, travel luggage is so mass-produced and expensive too. This suitcase plastered with stickers from places far and wide has its own unique style.

Suitcase covered in stickers from around the world

But, don’t worry, some luggage manufacturer will get onto it and reproduce hundreds of thousands. But this is an original found at 30th Avenue Pawn, a second-hand shop in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.


2 responses to “Images of things past

  1. Cool -most places charge out the arse for this kind of gear these days, though.

  2. Hey! Awesome post and I think it’s great you
    can still find the Beatles and older music in the second hand shops! Keep Rockin’!

    your friends, XR VOLUME

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