Lunch on the Hawkesbury River

After-lunch table on a houseboat on the Hawkesbury River

We all look forward to Easter and the four-day break  from busy daily schedules; it’s a time to take off to the beach or other destination, to catch up with friends or just take it easy. But travel over Easter in Australia – especially on the roads – can mean traffic jams, long delays and fractious nerves. Rather than taking the car, we opted for public transport for a trip to Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River to meet friends for lunch this past Easter Friday.

The train trip from Central Station takes an hour and is quite glorious, not to mention relaxing. Once there, we were spirited to the marina and onto the houseboat moored at the end of the pier. Champagne glass in hand, there was nothing more to do than enjoy the company as we watched the passing parade of boats chugging up and down the river. Divine!

It may be a cliche but the simple pleasures in life abound.


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