Monthly Archives: February 2010

Keeping fit as we age

What impresses the hell out of me is the number of people in their 70s, 80s and, dare I say, 90s who are skiing at least three times a week here at Silver Star in Canada. There are more people in the over 70s, I think, than younger people during the week. And they all generally look fit and healthy and can ski as well as any youngun on the mountain.

One of the cross-country skiers I met at Sovereign Lake (just down the road from Silver Star) is 85 and still racing. Not only that, he regular beats 35 year olds!

The message is that elderly and infirmed are not synonymous – they don’t have to be. Granted, some people become ill. Young people become ill too. However, keeping fit is the best way to keep well and moving as we age. For Bill and I, we want to be skiing at 85.

Find a passion, find a sport, find a hobby that keeps you fit. You’re never too old. Just look at the woman who competed in the Masters Games in Sydney. She was 100 and won a Gold Medal in her swimming event – I think she was the only competitor in her age group, but hey, she did it!