Approaching success at 56

Perhaps the cliche is right that you are never too old to learn. A passion of mine is skiing. I started late – at about 32. Try to learn to ride a bike at 32! But I fell deeply in love with the whole skiing thing. I even found out that I’m a cold weather person!

I am currently on one of my skiing adventures. Yesterday, I was told by my skiing instructor that ‘I could be a very good skier!’. I know that skiing is not a perfect art and there is always room for improvement, but, hey, that made my day. I intend to ski until I am at least 85 years old. I have been told that Paddy Pallin, who started the adventure sports shops, started skiing (cross country skiing I think) at 50 and skied until he was 100 years old. How good is that! And what a role model (no more exclamation marks). Paddy Pallin is right. Skiing is worth the effort. Should I still be here when I am 100, I may well be a very good skier.

I now have some websites devoted to skiing, and but that’s another story.


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