Seven things that matter in life

Skiing is a passion for Bill and Susie. It's something they love doing together and they find time to ski every year.

Bill and Susie on a mountain somewhere in Canada

‘The difference between how people live and how they dream to live is a vast ocean’ – quote from the celebrated Australian TV series, SeaChange.

My Bill says,’There are only two things in life: love and fear. Choose love.’ (I think someone else said it before him!)

These are important messages that get lost in the fast pace of living in the 21st century. Some people don’t stop to think about what they are doing and why. My motto is ‘work to live not live to work’. It’s the reason Bill and I go to Canada each year to explore Canadian ski fields.

So how do we dare to live differently, boldly, with passion? I’m going with changes to the most important things in life – the way we respond to the people we love rather than changing ‘things’ in our lives. So here’s my list.

  1. Be kind to your loved ones. Think about how they feel rather than focusing on your own feelings. It’s not about how everyone else fits in with you (that’s what kids think).
  2. Have good thoughts about the people in your life. Look for the best in people and let them know. Sometimes the things that really piss us off just disappear.
  3. Don’t sweat the little stuff. Hey, don’t we all sometimes. But it just isn’t worth it. Anger is hurtful to ourselves and the people we love.
  4. Don’t shout – at anyone. Not the shop assistant who is ignoring you, not the person from your telco (oops), not your partner, not your kids. Speak calmly and say nice things. Even when someone is a bit rude, be calm and kind and you’ll find they become calm too.  If we shout, it gives the other person permission to continue being rude.
  5. Here’s another thing – give up meaningless stuff. Live simply, live calmly, love the people you care about and care about the planet we live on.
  6. On yes, and if you have a passion, follow it. If you have two, follow both.
  7. And keep laughing – and that vast ocean between how people live and how they dream to live will disappear.

2 responses to “Seven things that matter in life

  1. Our natural therapist says to let things go. Anger, fear, hate, stress and when you do this, you naturally feel better and feel better about the people in your life. It works for me!

  2. Hey! Awesome post and thanks for sharing it with everyone. You Rock!

    your friends, XR VOLUME

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