The after-Christmas exodus to the beach

Thousands of Sydneysiders caught in a traffic jam as they escape to the beach the day after Boxing Day 2009

The exodus out of Sydney after Boxing Day creates one big traffic jam

The inclement weather on the day after Boxing Day this year did not stop the crowds escaping Sydney for their annual Christmas vacation at a beach resort north or south of Sydney. Returning from two days at Boomerang Beach with family for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, we witnessed the bottleneck (which extended for about 20 kilometres) south of Bulahdelah.

And the weather is still windy, rainy and just a tad ‘not beach weather’ and likely to remain so for a few days. Still there’s plenty of time for the sun to shine as Aussies laze away their summer holiday.

Rain or shine, summer holidays matter because the memories of all those times at the beach, swimming, surfing, fishing, laughing, going brown, getting burnt, enjoying meals together and having some of the best of times are the stuff of happiness.


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