White Bay Precinct redevelopment is a joke

Image of a webpage of the Bays Precinct Sydney website for public consultation which shows it is no more than a pr swindle

Ambiguous text on the Sydney Bays Precinct Consultation website

Even though the Bays Precinct Sydney website says that the consultation process is closing soon, it is, in fact, closed. Another example of a stuff up, however minor.

So it is back to the Internet to get the new Premier’s email and send my comments directly to those who matter: The Premier, Kristina Keneally; The Minister for Transport and Roads, David Campbell; the Minister forPlanning and Infrastructure, Tony Kelly; and our local state government representative, The Minister for Education, Verity Firth.

This is the email sent to this illustrious lot.

Dear Premier

From a visit to the website, I believe that the ‘consultation’ process online at thebaysprecinct.net.au for stage 1 has concluded, however, as a resident of Balmain, I am one of many Balmainites who thoroughly reject two elements of the Bays Precinct redevelopment proposals put forward by your Government and I am writing to you yet again to voice my strong objection to the refueling depot at East Balmain end of White Bay and the International Terminal for cruise ships at White Bay.

Firstly, a refuelling depot does not belong in the heartland of one of the most desired residential suburbs in Sydney. There are homes and people living in close proximity to where the depot is planned to go. This land should be dedicated to open space parkland for the residents of Balmain to enjoy similar to the Illoura Reserve, Peacock Point and Thornton Park. A refuelling depot is the most obscene use of this land so close to a populous residential area. I know of not one Balmain person who supports this proposal. And it could easily be located in an industrial, commercial area that will remain so after redevelopment: for example where the luxury boats are moored on the other side of the Anzac Bridge. I ask you, as a member of the community of Balmain to reconsider the location of the refuelling depot.

Secondly, the international cruise terminal: everyone, except the NSW Government and the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, knows that this belongs at Barangaroo. People alighting and departing big ships can easily get into the City, walk to tourist destinations in Cockle Bay and Darling Harbour and have relatively easy access to the extensive public transport system that runs through the Sydney CBD. Getting off and on the Balmain Peninsula in peak hours is already difficult with vehicular congestion (many boats dock in the early morning and leave in the late afternoon so peak hour traffic will be affected by additional taxis and other vehicles catering for passengers and crew). The passenger terminal at Barangaroo was part of the award winning design for the redevelopment of the entire area and should remain at Barangaroo.

In conclusion, although the so-called consultation process has completed on thebaysprecinct.net.au website, the site currently says that it is soon to close and suggests that I could leave a comment but that’s impossible (which is it Premier?).

I want my Government, the Government of New South Wales and any of its agencies such as the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority to take this email as a strong rejection of the refuelling depot and the International Passenger Terminal at the proposed two locations in White Bay and I want my government to take notice of what the people of New South Wales are saying to you.

Yours faithfully
Dr Susie Stevens

Will they listen to the voices of the people? Now, that’s an interesting question that, from recent experience in other matters, we all know the answer to. Hey, but we gotta’ keep at it.


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