Walking against warming

Image of people walking against warming in Sydney 29 November 2007

Thousands turned out on 29 November 2007 in Sydney to show their support for action on climate change

We’re walking against warming again.

With the international meeting of scientists, politicians and others coming together in Copenhagen at the moment to debate ways to meet the challenges of man-made climate change, we can all do our bit right here.

On Saturday 12 December, Bill and I with a friend, Rob, have signed up to walk against warming with other like-minded people through the streets of Sydney. The walk is the initiative of the Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales and has the support of such orgs as GetUp, Australian Conservation Council, Greenpeace, The Climate Institute, AMWU and other unions and many other businesses and not-for-profit organisations. We’re all meeting at Martin Place at 1pm. We registered to help organisers know how many people are coming.

Cate Blanchett and family were amongst the walkers at the last walk of this type in Sydney that I attended. I wonder who will be spotted in the crowd this time?


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