Climate change conspiracy theories – oh really!

Climate change image of polluting chimney stacks

Climate change deniers see red in their conspiracy theories

Here’s the latest rubbish from the mad right of politics – climate change is driven by the far left who see it as a way of achieving what they have always wanted, the de-industrialisation of the West.

According to Senator Nick Minchin as shown on a recent Four Corners program (ABC television), ’the collapse of communism was a disaster for the left and, really, they embraced environment as their new religion’.

The coalition have the mad monk, Tony Abbott, but this lunacy would be funny in a sick sort of way if it weren’t so mad and if Senator Minchin wasn’t such a senior member of the Liberal Party.

The idea that scientists around the world who study the effect of climate change in all its manifestations are part of some extensive conspiracy to do in capitalism is patently ludicrous. Even more so is the way that many of the politicians in Australia’s conservative parties bury their heads in the proverbial sand (and there’s likely to be a lot more of it), and deny that climate change is a reality.

Why are they? is the question. If the Emissions Trading Bill only requires a handful of conservative senators to say ‘yes’ to the bill to get it passed, then perhaps the brouhaha is more about a leadership change than climate change. It’s the time in the political cycle when leaders of oppositions are dethroned. Think Kevin Rudd in the December of 2006.

I still think the climate change deniers are off their rockers.


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