Get motivated, get active and GetUp

GetUp is an independent (of political party) politics that is a grass roots community organisation that gives every Australian voter a greater opportunity to participate in the political process.

With powerful industry lobby groups spending millions of dollars to make sure their agenda is achieved, GetUp gives voting Australians the chance to hold our politicians to account for their actions and to let them know what issues Australians care about. It is a grass-roots counterweight to the power of the industry lobby groups.

Like many Australians, I want a cleaner, greener Australia starting right now. Changing to eco-friendly cleaning products is one small way we can each make a difference. Reducing power consumption is another that we can make some difference but the real difference will come from our governments championing strong action on climate change, to invest in renewable energy options that can be put in place at a macro and micro-level.

The GetUp message on climate change is ‘cutting emissions creates jobs’. The upside for the economy is that we will have a planet (simply that) and we’ll have fewer brown-energy jobs and far more green-energy jobs that will ensure our planet’s sustainability. Even if politicians don’t think that we humans are contributing to climate change, let’s start moving towards a cleaner, greener future.

Our politicians are paid by us; they are our representatives and we have an obligation to tell them about what is important to us. So get motivated, get active and join GetUp.

Want to know more about the ReEnergise Australia campaign?


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