Climate change issue heats up

The majority of the voting Australian public want strong action by the federal government on climate change now

The majority of Australians want strong action on climate change

Last night, Bill and I joined other like-minded volunteers to continue the campaign of letting our politicians know that we want strong action on climate change right now.

With the Carbon Pollution Reduction issue being voted on in the Senate soon prior to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen from 7 December to 18 December this year, we believe it is now that we need to let our elected representatives know that this is something that the majority of Australians want.

So last night, we telephoned many NSW senators and our local house of reps member to let them all know that we want our federal government to take strong action on climate change right now. What else do we want?

We want our government, as our representatives, to lead the world on this issue. We are a first world nation, a high polluting country that exports brown (dirty) energy around the world. We need to change this and to be a leading nation for the creation of a green economy that will provide many thousands of green jobs and a massive economic boom with clean energy exports. This is the future of the world and we can’t pretend that coal and other non-renewable energy sources are going to be the source of a burgeoning economy in future years.

We want our country to join the clean-energy boom and we want a cleaner future for our children and grandchildren.

Even if you are someone who doesn’t believe humans are contributing to climate change – the so-called climate change skeptics – taking action now that will lead to a less-polluted world must be the way to go.

And if you want a cleaner future for your children and grandchildren, tell your local federal member. Call or email. You can find members’ details at There is no time to waste.

Some websites of interest

Climate change action groups

Balmain Rozelle climate change group


Australian Conservation Foundation


One response to “Climate change issue heats up

  1. Well done Susie. Stuff does matter. Maybe we all have different “stuff”? It is certainly good to share opinions, ideas and knowledge. Can i share anything with you on your blog?

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