A tribute to Don Lane

The Don Lane Memorial Service at South Sydney Junior Rugby League Club 5 November 2009

Once more the band plays for Don Lane

As all Australians know, Don Lane passed away recently at the age of 75. We were all sorry to hear the news. He seemed too young. On Thursday 5 November, a tribute was held at South Sydney Juniors League Club.  It was billed as a memorial service but it was so much more. The entertainment industry came out in force to honour his life and work. And the fans came in droves too.

I saw him perform only a few years ago and he looked fit, as lanky as ever, and healthy – no signs of Alzheimers then. Bill, my husband, worked with Don on many gigs as a bass guitarist in the band. The places were always packed and Don didn’t disappoint. What a consummate entertainer he was. Television, radio, cabaret: Don did it all and with style. As his son, PJ, said yesterday, ‘he transformed the entertainment industry in Australia’.

We Aussies gladly adopted Don when he made Australia his home in the ’70s and we loved him for it. Don Lane was ours – at least we Australians thought so. He entertained us, laughed with us, sang and danced his way into our hearts. We will remember him well.


One response to “A tribute to Don Lane

  1. here, here – a true professional. Very nice tribute

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