Living in the sixties

Iconic images of the '60s – JFK, Twiggy, The Beatles

Iconic images of the '60s – JFK, Twiggy, The Beatles

Of course, there is no one experience or moment that defines a decade. For me, in the sixties, the assassination of JFK – even though I was just 10 years old – was something I remember clearly as very shocking. I was too young to understand it but television was relatively new and the images from Dallas were beamed right in to our living room.

In the sixties, the Beatles were fab – the fab four – and we thought their hair styles were so radical. Looking back, at the time The Beatles became a world-wide hit, in retrospect, they look so conservative.

Meanwhile, thin was in. Twiggy was the ‘it’ girl and making an impact in modelling. Girls were dieting so they could look as thin as her and becoming anorexic. How sad, then again anorexia and eating disorders are sad.

The sixties appears to be a more innocent decade. It’s true that we left our homes unlocked. We weren’t so concerned about stranger danger though our mothers did tell us not to talk to strangers. As children, we had freedom to explore without parental guidance. Kids rode their bikes to school which could be miles away.

Escape from home was something that my sister, Liza, and I did every weekend. We’d take off on our bikes with friends on Saturday and Sunday mornings after breakfast and wouldn’t return until after dark sometimes. Mum didn’t seem to worry. We would explore the bush around our neighbourhood, make cubbies, dismantle them and make another somewhere else. We were adventurers conquering far off lands and life was an adventure.

I have very fond memories of growing up in the western suburbs of Brisbane in the sixties. Shit happened, I’m sure, but I tend to remember the things I loved.

The ‘life is an adventure’ concept is not particular to any one decade or generation and doesn’t have to be. Every day is a delight, a surprise – is great. But in 1960s I went from seven to seventeen. And, as a young girl growing up in the sixties, I have some great times to look back on. I loved the ’60s. In the words of the Beatles, ‘She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah’.


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