Another eco-friendly all purpose product – epson salts

Epson_SaltsEpson Salts is magnesium sulfate and for everyone who did Chemistry at school, you will know that the symbol is MgSO4. More importantly, Epson Salts has some amazing uses.

  • Use as a fabric softener in the rinse cycle of your washing. Just add a tablespoon before the rinse cycle or where you normally add fabric softener.
  • Sore muscles or just want to relax your body? Add 375 grams to a warm bath and soak it up.
  • Plants looking a bit yellow of leaf? They may need a magnesium and sulfur boost. About a dessertspoon to a litre of water or 375 grams to 20 litres (if you have lots of plants) will do the trick.

Epson Salts has medical benefits too according to Wikipedia.

Rather than paying for expensive bath salts that often have excessive, wasteful packaging, or paying for fabric softeners that may be harmful to the environment, pick up a packet of Epson Salts from your supermarket as an alternative. It’s good for you, good for the environment and inexpensive.


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