Eco-friendly cleaning – vinegar

Image_vinegar_cleaning_bottleHey, I often hear people say ‘What’s the point of us recycling, saving water in our homes, making small changes when the big poluters are the big businesses around the world?’. To that I would answer in the words of songwriter, Paul Kelly, ‘From little things, big things grow.’ All the first small steps lead to a great journey and I know I want to do my small bit for future generations.

I was thinking about another small bit that I could do to stop using poisonous (and expensive) cleaning products around the house. And I remembered as a young girl of 16 going to Invergowrie, a domestic science school in Melbourne where all the products were pretty much environmentally friendly – before the manufacturers convinced us that we needed their products to keep a house clean.

So here are some of the things that work, that save the environment and, as a bonus, are cheaper than the manufactured stuff.

  • Vinegar and water in equal parts in a hand pump spray container that you can get at the local hardware will clean just about any surface including kitchen benches, wood, laminate and tiles. I bought the vinegar for $1.09 and I’ve used a poofteenth so far. I reckon that’s going to last for a good six to twelve months. Do not use on marble apparently.
  • Use vinegar straight (no dilution) to clean the toilet.
  • Blue green stains on a bath can be removed with vinegar.
  • Vinegar is also a good fabric softener and can be used safely in washing machines.
  • Smells in the refrigerator. Wipe over the surfaces with the half vinegar, half water solution. Baking soda diluted in water is also good for odour removal.
  • To clean a dishwasher, about once a month add a cup of vinegar to the empty dishwasher and run on the hottest cycle.

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